I would definitely choose an analog wristwatch over the purportedly fussed smartwatch that does nothing more than what a smartphone can do. With wearable technology becoming so prevalent, makers need to take a step further – it’s not just about what it appears on the outside. If you need more than just a smartwatch, Wellograph Watch is definitely worth a buy.

Wellograph Watch Is Something To Choose Over Smart Watch

Forget its sleek and stylish looks, Wellograph Watch monitors your activity, heart rate, steps, and more. In short, it is a health-tracking device. The watch delivers the real-time insightful information about your activity. With its integrated heart rate sensor, it even provides how much you have exercised, and how long you have been resting. The watch also features Bluetooth 4.0 technology to wirelessly sync with smartphones.

Wellograph Watch Is Something To Choose Over Smart Watch

Wellograph watch is crafted out of sapphire crystal or stainless steel and accompanied by either a genuine leather or nato strap. Its aesthetic appearance and tasteful user interface effortlessly suit in any occasions you are at.

Designed in Bangkok and Los Angeles, Wellograph Watch is coming this spring.

  • Image Credit: Wellograph Watch