Rarely when science goes wrong, the results are quite astonishing which turns the experiment into a unique phenomena. Same thing happened in Turkmenistan, the phenomena occurring there is so unique that it almost sounds scary, where a small miscalculation resulted in what locals call the ‘Door to Hell’, a crater that has been burning since 1971. Situated in desert near a small village named Derweze, it’s one of the most unique places on Earth.

Door to Hell gas deposit, Darvaza, Turkmenistan
Door to Hell gas deposit, Darvaza, Turkmenistan

Though some people have many superstitions regarding this little hell, but it’s nothing supernatural. There is actually some very interesting science behind it.

Back in 1970s, surveys were being carried out when Soviet scientists found a huge reserve of natural gas in the area. In fact, it is one of the biggest gas reserve in the world. After it was discovered, scientists started digging up and mining the area, the  government ordered the gas to be stored. So engineers started storing the gas until one day the ground beneath the camp exploded and the camp collapsed, leaving behind a 200 feet wide and 66 feet deep crater.

Because of the release of gigantic quantities of Methane, scientists feared that it would pollute the area thus endangering the populations nearby. They decided to burn off the gas, according to their calculations it would have burned in a few hours but they were dead wrong, the fire is still burning after nearly after half a century.

The smell of burning gases especially the rotten egg smell caused by burning sulfur can be felt from distant areas. This site is now a major international tourist attractant for Turkmenistan. The government ordered the site to be eliminated and plans to export it to other countries but lack of pipe lines hinders this step.

Here is the video to help you better understand about the  fiery fire of the Hell on Earth.

[Image Credit: Wikipedia | Video Credit: SciShow]