Treating a wounded soldier on a battlefield can be a strenuous task and applying gauze bandage to the wound doesn’t always work, the process can be agonizingly painful and also mentally traumatic. Despite this emergency treatment, most soldiers die from hemorrhage.

John Steinbaugh, former U.S. Army Special Operations medic, who retired after getting an injury in head joined an Oregon-based startup called RevMedx and invented a device called XStat, a modified syringe that injects specially coated sponges into wounds, an idea inspired by Fix-a-Flat foam for repairing tires.

The XStat sponges contain hemostatic agent that stops the flow of blood by compressing blood vessels. Each of the sponge is integrated with a radiopaque marker for easy detection via X-ray.

XStat works by applying sponges that expands rapidly into a wound cavity using a lightweight applicator. Once the sponges expand, they create a large surface area for clotting, this process provides a gentle pressure enough to stop the bleeding.

The method offers many advantages, it is less painful, works quickly and so effective that by the time the sponges are injected, the bleeding stops in just 15 seconds. This amazing life-saving invention is expected to be approved by FDA in a while.

[Image via RevMedx]

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