Lockheed Martin Showed Off The First Ever Autonomous Military Convoy

When you talk about self-driving car, the first thing you picture in your mind is Google’s self-driving car, but that’s just short-sighted. On the contrary, whenever in movies or games, we watch a car being driven without a driver, it makes us wonder how far is the time when we see that in real?

The U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) and Lockheed Martin successfully completed the demonstration of the first ever fully autonomous convoys of armored vehicles in Fort Hood, Texas. The demonstration is part of the Army and Marine Corps’ Autonomous Mobility Appliqué System (AMAS) program, where it marks the completion of Capabilities Advancement Demonstration (CAD).

The test is done to put the soldiers driving the truck completely out of need and it includes vehicles of different models which are made to follow a route compatible with both Rural and Urban environments.

The vehicles can overcome any sort of obstacle a human driven vehicle would like oncoming and passing traffic, pedestrians and road intersections. But, for a while now, we cannot see this in action but it’s a huge boost to army’s effort of introducing robotic technologies in war times as soldiers carrying cargo posed a great risks to their lives.

[Image Credit: Lockheed Martin]

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