According to the World Health Organisation, air pollution is regarded as a risk factor for stroke, lung cancer and various respiratory infections. Also people who live in highly polluted areas are prone to have neuroplastic effects on them, like having a very poor mental capacity and high risk of brain damage. Don’t you just hate pollution?

Accepting the damage and to challenge the pollution we have done so far, a Bangkok-based concept designing company, Lightfog, is introducing a new concept bike known as Air-Purifier Bike.

Bike That Purifies Polluted Air and Generates Oxygen Out Of It

The Air-Purifier Bike concept focuses on restraining the problem caused by air pollution in the city by filtering the polluted air and generate oxygen out of it. The bike consists of air filter, a photosynthesis system (oxygen generator), an electric motor and a battery.

Bike That Purifies Polluted Air and Generates Oxygen Out Of It

The air filter monitors pollutants from the air and the photosynthesis system inside the body frame generates oxygen. While it is being pedaled, the polluted air passes through the air filter and release the cleaned air out. Even when the bike is not used, it can continue to purify air under battery power.

The designer or whoever is behind the bike needs a thumbs-up. Also, regardless of its feasibleness, the idea to rebuff air pollution just by pedaling is utterly amazing.

[Credit: Lightfog]

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