Ever since autism was officially diagnosed in the early 1930s, there have been increasing cases of this neurodevelopmental disorder. Also in 1960, complications arose as the symptoms of autism and schizophrenia were intertwined in many researchers’ mind and it was later spelt out by medical professionals.

There is no known cure for autism, the only thing we could do is to sustain profound assistant to help autistic children manage their lives. Well, this could be irritating to them because of their impaired social interaction and stereotypical behavior.

Researchers at the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences and its Faculty of Electronics and Computer Sciences come up with a solution to that – they are introducing a robot known as Rene.

Rene helps detect and diagnose children with autism faster and easier than traditional methods. It is equipped with a camera, microphones and speakers designed to evaluate child’s voice, behavior and how they make eye contact.

The robot can adapt to any reaction it receives from children and it can cope with their impaired social interaction and put them at ease.

This robot is not meant to replace clinicians, but to help them in the process of detection and diagnosis.