Smart phone is one of our most intact companion, nevertheless we hate it when the battery is running low and the wall socket is not in close proximity. Of course, we can use an extension cord and lounge while charging but that would not be as much convenient as using the Power Pillow.Power Pillow Redefines The Joy of Lounging While Charging Your Smart Devices

The Power Pillow is the first ever pillow that can charge your smart devices even when a wall socket is not in proximal. It takes the form of a standard pillow and houses two 12000mAh lithium-polymer battery packs which can be swapped when one is running low. Also, two USB ports for charging phones, tablets or any other devices.

But, there’s a limit: the Power Pillow doesn’t charge itself nor does it come with an inexhaustible power – it’s just a power bank disguised as a pillow.

The product is currently being funded on KickStarter.

[Image Credit: Power Pillow  via KickStarter]

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