Crime can always be prevented if we foresee when it’s going to happen. But, it’s almost impossible unless you have the power of extrasensory perception, or in short – you’re a ‘clairvoyant’.

How about a robot that can stave off such crimes by detecting when and where they are likely to take place? This is why the Knightscope K5 robot was built.

The Knightscope K5 The Crime Prevention Autonomous Robot

The K5 robot or K5 Autonomous Data Machine is developed by a California-based company known as Knightscope with a debonair mission to cut the crime by 50%. The robot has a semi-oval body and resembles a lot like R2-D2 from the movie
Star War. It has an onboard sensor array that can sense any transgression in its surrounding.

The K5 robot stands about 60 inches tall and weighs 136 kg; it comprises of three core technologies :

  • Machine OS or the control layer – For autonomous and semi-autonomous operations and communications between the machines.
  • Sensor OS or the sensor fusion later – It is packed with various type of sensors options for relevant detection.
  • NOC or the system control layer – It includes graphical UI with remote operation for real time data review and mission planning.

Also, the robot features other high-end sensoring options such as – Optical Character Recognition, Omnidirectional Imaging and Thermal Imaging.

William Santana Li, Knightscope CEO says – “Our long-term goal is to show that, with a combination of hardware, software and community involvement, we will, together, be able to cut crime”

According to the company – “the robot utilizes a combination of autonomous robots and and predictive analytics to provide a commanding but friendly physical presence while gathering important real-time on-site data with numerous sensors. Data collected through these sensors is processed through the predictive analytics engine, combined with existing business, government and crowdsourced social data sets, and subsequently assigned an alert level that determines when the community and the authorities should be notified of a concern.”

Once the crime is detected, the K5 makes all of its collected data publicly available through Wi-Fi and allow the entire community to review everything and contribute real-time information.

[Image and Video Credit: Knightscope]

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