Concept designers and engineers may conceivably be flabbergasted by this outlandishly conceptualized futuristic bike in an intriguing way. The bike is known as Flexi-Bike.

Designed by Yoon Hoon – a China-based concept designer; Flexi-Bike comes with three circumvolving frames (or perhaps, I might say rotating frames) that allow its shape and the rider to change their riding posture. The design is quite unique and a bit unusual as there is no two bikes that feature rotating or adjustable frames. Looking at its design, we know the bike could give us a steady ride on any terrain.

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One of the most interesting features of this bike is its informative LED display attached to the handlebar – it displays the bicycle’s speed, the distance traveled, and the calories burnt by the rider.

The bike could be considered as a sport bike and it is no less compared to one of those commuter bikes, and its additional LED will make sure your efforts do not get wasted. So the ride on this bike could be quite fascinating.

Flexi-Bike Taken From Different Angles

Flexi Bike Side View
Side View
Flexi Bike Side View With Seat Adjusted Upright
Side View With Seat Adjusted Upright
Flexi Bike Side View With Adjusted Seat - Levelled With Handle Bar
Side View With Adjusted Seat – Levelled With Handle Bar
Flexi Bike Rear Quarter View
Rear Quarter View
1. Flexi Bike Seat Adjustment, 2. Flexi-Bike Informative LED Display, 3. Flexi-Bike Rear Quarter Padle View
1. Seat Adjustment, 2. Informative LED Display, 3. Rear Quarter Padle View

Well, I am not certain about the price or how viable the concept is, but undoubtedly the design is quite appealing.

The bike is currently being featured on Red-Dot Design Award. [Image via Red-Dot]