Ever thought of weaving high-rise structure that is way out of your reach and that’s also without using any building equipment like ladder or  steps? How about using this spider-drone for help?

The video demonstrates quadcopter autonomously spanning a rope between two support points as it assembles prototypic tensile structures.

This technique has been conceptualized by roboticists and architects at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETC) in Zurich, where they even teach the drones to build towers from foam bricks.

“There is no physical connection with the ground, so they can move construction elements to any location, and fly in and around existing structures.” – this is what the project is all about.

“Flying machines have an unlimited workspace – they can go anywhere”, says Federico Augugliaro, ETH’s Aerial Construction project leader.

Each quadcopter is fitted with a spool of strong plastic cable that pulls out from its rear as it flies and they are controlled from the ground. Also, the drones have cameras integrated with the central computer that observe the action of the drones.

“The drones could make building much easier”, says roboticist K. Sreenath at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Our current construction is limited, but with aerial robots those limitations go away.”

This is not just some kind of superfluous robot like Japanese janken robot that will play rock-paper-scissor with you, but this spider-drone could possibly be your indispensable assistant.

[Source: NewScientist | Video Source: Building Tensile Structures with Flying Machines]