Neurocam is a prototypic wearable camera system which is incorporated with EEG sensors so that it automatically scans the brain and records footage of things based on your interest. I must say – it’s a step closer to overtaking our lives and this is the consequence when walking around with smartphones glued to an ear is not enough.

Neurocam Prototype

The prototype involves strapping an iPhone to your head which could turn out to be bulky. But, it’s not quite the idea behind this technology.

The conference at the Human Sensing 2013 in Yokohama, Japan showed that neurocam includes a headband that’s designed to hold an iPhone. The attached iPhone is fitted with a special type of prism so that the camera can record footage from the wearer’s point of view and the incorporated EEG sensors scan the brains activity for correlative spikes in interest with the camera footage.

Neurowear, the maker, promises to make the device more smaller, comfortable and fashionable to wear in the future. They are also considering the addition of MANUAL MODE that will let you tag your emotion to the footage and EFFECT FUNCTION that will overlay filters and effects on footage based on your emotions.

The neurocam app for iPhone works with an analytic algorithm based on the sensitivity vales of “interest” and “like”. The algorithm is developed by Professor Mitsukura of Keio University along with the Neurowear team. The app assigns the user’s EEG data from 0 to 100. When the data exceeds 60, the app triggers to record the footage. The footage is recorded only for 5 seconds which is then stored as a .GIF file so user can recall what exactly piqued their interest.

Here’s the neurocam in action.

[Source: Neurowear; Discovery News]