Do you really believe Aliens exist or is it just a fantasy? To clarify this perplexity, scientists now pinpoint on using laser to detect if there’s any intelligent extraterrestrial being.

Scientists say when it comes to detecting laser pulses, aliens might shoot at Earth to attract our attention and they can detect signals as faint as a single photon of light every few tiny fractions of a second.

The Comet and the Laser
ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) | Credit: G.Hüdepohl (

“We assumed that aliens would use the simplest possible way of attracting our attention, one already implemented in seafaring since ancient times using lighthouses — that is, periodic light pulses,” said Leeb, laser scientist at the Vienna University of Technology in Austria.

They believe faint lasers can help in transmitting message over extraordinary distance. However, with their ceaseless journey of searching for signs of extraterrestrial beings for decades monitoring number of stars for alien laser signal – no evidence for any have been found yet.

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