Self-Esteem is the ability to recognize one’s own worth. These feelings of self-worth develop very early in childhood, thus parents play a great role in determining what their child thinks about himself. A strong self-esteem will act as a weapon against the challenges in life, your child will face. So, parents should avoid certain behaviors that can impact their child in a bad way.

A child’s personality is the reflection of parental behavior. Your kids might not do what you say, but they will do what you do. If a parent is affectionate and loving but thinks low of himself, the child certainly will have low self-esteem. If parents have arguments often, the child will think he cannot do anything to stop it, he will feel helpless and depressed thus leading him to have a low self-esteem. If a parent is abusive, the child will feel he’s not good enough that’s why he’s being treated that way, that will lead him to create a bad self-image in his mind and will cause him problems later in life-like anti-social behavior.

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Role Of Parents In Developing A Healthy Self-Esteem For Their Children

The children of over_protective parents might think they cannot take care of themselves , that will make them depressed in difficult situations. On the other hand do not make the kid feel as if he’s the centre of the world and he will get everything he wants, whenever he wants, you will spoil him by encouraging him in his bad habits and he will grow up to be a Narcissistic and a Self-centered person. You need to prepare your child for the real world, your job is to make sure your child grows up to be a realistic, optimistic and a mature person. How can you achieve this goal and help your child develop strong self-esteem?

Be a role model for your child, have a strong self-esteem yourself, set goals for him and if your child fails, encourage him by telling him his strengths, pointing out his weakness and helping him overcome it. Compliment your child, but do not exaggerate. Do not compare him to other children and do not criticize him in-front of them or anyone. Make him realize he should be an independent, confident and a unique person.

If you’re strict, your child won’t feel comfortable in telling you his problems. Provide your child with the environment in which his abilities can flourish. You’re the person who can bring out the best in your children.