Deliberation about the inevitable future has gone beyond imagination. Ideas are being built every second and we are pretty much immersed in the obsession. The entirety rootage is so important, but we seem to pay little attention. History makes the future possible, everyone should live with that.

Thanks to the Big History Project started by Bill Gates and David Christian, a single source where everyone can explore every history right from the big bang through the present in a comprehensive way. Its extensive coverage of history on Cosmos, Earth, Life and Humanity – is enough to blow one’s mind.

David Christian explains Big History, the scale of its 13.7 billion year timeline, the many approaches of knowledge it involves, and how it fits within a long running human tradition of telling origin stories. Bill Gates says – BHP is his favourite course of all time and he was enthralled when David lectured him the series of history.

BHP was launched in 2011 at TED conference held at California.