Zombie Apocalypse
Zombies | Credit: Ronlohse

Reading about zombies – straight off, I realized there’s hatful of tattlers among us. I mean, Zombie Apocalypse is a rather talked about thing more than just alien invasion or ghost encounters. Well, to sum up with this kind of people, there’s a special mathematical equation for them.

That is :  (bN)(S/N)Z = bSZ

Where, N = total population, S = the number of susceptible people, Z = the zombies, and b = the likelihood of transmission.

Robert J. Smith? (a mathematics professor at the University of Ottawa who spells his name with a “?” at the end) and his fellow students say that the calculation describes the rate of zombie transmission from one walking corpse to many which would result in apocalypse. There would be no “stable equilibrium” in which humans could co-exist with them or eradicate the disease. And, it would only take coordinated attacks against them to save humanity.

PS: The equation is just a model and there’s no virus in the equation. Be calm and be prepared.

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