Enthusiastic about getting an electric bike? Then get it and if you don’t want, it’s time to take your beloved regular bike out from the basement (in case, it’s somewhere in your basement). With Rubbee – a revolutionary electric bike conversion kit, you can experience the same delight of driving an electric bike.

Rubbee is a high-efficiency electric friction drive for bicycles. Its integrated clamp mechanism makes it incredibly easy to be mounted on any bicycle in less than a minute. The operation is easy, you just have to hook on to the back of your seat with its electric-powered friction wheel touching the back wheel. So, when it spins, it will cast a friction and spin the back wheel of the bike. This kit can keep you moving for more than 15 miles without having to pedal. It weighs nearly about 6.5 kg and takes approximately two hours to fully recharged.

Rubbee – The electric drive for bicycles | Credit: Rubbee via Kickstarter

Everything you need to know about Rubbee’s prices and pre-orders is on Kickstarter.