Discovering a double helix structure of DNA molecule was considerably the most important contribution to science in the 20 century.

Regarding this discovery, Francis Henry Compton Crick (in 1953) penned down a letter to his 12-year-old son describing DNA and nothing was abuzz until somebody shelled-out this letter for $5.3 million at the auction in New York making the most expensive letter ever sold at auction surpassing the previous record of Albert Einstein letter sold in 2008 for $3.4 million.

There’s really nothing to be bewildered about it, the letter is precious and truly an exceptional one and it’s worth it. There’s no identity information about the buyer, I guess he or she needed this piece of treasure very badly.

This is the letter of  Francis Crick to his son. Actually I got this picture from The New York Times  and there were 4 pages. So, I merged them together to make it more easier to read without having needed to click next for each succeeding pages.

Francis Crick's Letter to his son (1953)
Francis Crick’s Letter Describing DNA to his son (1953)